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Bags THULE Crossover 2, 35L green

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SKU: 3204033
  • The patented SafeZone compartment;
  • TSA Lock;
  • Exceptional stability, smoothness.



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Dimensions (LxWxH) 35 × 23 × 55 cm
Weight 3.45 kg
Volume 35L
Color Forest Night
Material Nylon
Model name TSWD-360
Model number 3204033
Collection Thule Crossover Collection
  • The patented SafeZone compartment, all small items are securely protected, while you can easily find and get the right thing;
  • Easily move your bag from your doorstep to your destination with the oversized rear wheel that rolls across any terrain without searching, and is found hidden in the front wheel housing, definition takes up extra space for your belongings;
  • Exceptional stability, smoothness and smooth movement thanks to telescopic handles with patented V-tubing technology and a wide wheelbase;
  • The main department is divided into two parts for convenient organization of storage of personal belongings;
  • Inner side ties and zipper storage pockets hold things securely;
  • The ability to increase the volume of the suitcase by 6.35cm allows you to take more things;
  • TSA Lock;
  • Reliable design, solid base, reinforced bumpers,  large YKK zippers;
  • Retractable top, side and bottom handles make it easy to lift luggage and place it on the shelves;
  • Easily access your belongings with a front panel pocket with mesh divider for organized storage

The world-famous Swedish company Thule has been a leader in the luggage market for a long time.

The company began its history in 1942 and, at the moment, the Thule company occupies a leading position in the segment of roof rack system. However, the progress of the company did not end there, and a few years ago, new categories of products appeared on the market under the Thule brand:

If your life is unimaginable without travel and outdoor activities, then you know how important it is to have high-quality, reliable products that will make your trip more comfortable and enjoyable and help you organize it more easily.

All products manufactured under the Thule brand go through multi-level quality control, have a 2 to 5 year warranty. Which means that the company’s product managers and designers have created products that are as resistant as possible to extreme temperatures, bad weather and high loads.

By purchasing Thule, you choose reliability, sophisticated style and comfort, solving many problems related to the transportation of necessary things.

We choose Thule for its impeccable quality, eco-friendliness and practicality. Buy and get maximum pleasure from an active lifestyle!

We wish you a pleasant vacation and interesting adventures!

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