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Sleeve Case Logic Laptop 17″ LAPS117 black

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SKU: 3201364
  • Case fits laptop up to 17″;
  • Padding with patented Impact Foam™;
  • Available in different colors;



In stock

Color Black
Dimensions (LxWxH) 44.5 x 5 x 33 cm
Laptop compartment dimensions 41.7 x 4.5 x 30 cm
Weight 0.25 kg
Material EVA foam
Model number 3201364
Model name LAPS-117
  • Case fits laptop up to 17″;
  • Padding with patented Impact Foam™ technology provides damage protection from all sides;
  • Braided tape along each side adds a touch of sophistication to the design;
  • Slim case protects the device, even when transporting in a bag;
  • Available in different colors for every taste.

Case Logic brand (THULE GROUP) was born in 1984. The first product was created for one simple reason: to carry your things effortlessly and elegantly. Case Logic gives you the freedom to carry your camera, laptop and other electronic equipment safely and organized.

While technologies, lifestyles and travel styles change, the essence of each Case Logic product remains the same – life simplified. (simple life).

Any company can make an attractive backpack, bag or case, but that is no guarantee that it will be comfortable and durable. That’s why a lot of thought goes into every detail of Case Logic products, and we can confidently say that they will make your life easier.

Research plays an important role in the development of Case Logic products. Such as observing the habits of travelers around the world, analyzing the fashion trends, color and texture of the coming seasons. The company conducts research long before launching its products.

When the concept is ready, the product undergoes rigorous testing. The company’s world-class testing center, which has an area the size of 5 tennis courts and employs 50 employees, conducts durability, comfort and performance quality tests.

It may take up to two years to develop a product to standards, but quality is a priority and ensuring a long life cycle for each product is paramount.

Case Logic cares about the environment. Sustainability and ethical behavior are top priorities. The company aims to meet the 2030 United Nations Sustainable Development Agenda. The company tries to make the production process completely transparent, so that the consumer can be sure of the safety and sustainability of the products.

Case Logic offers a wide range of different products, such as backpacks, laptop bags and camera bags, but the motto of the brand remains the same – life simplified. (simple life)

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